About Me

I am a PostDoc in the Manao team at Inria Bordeaux, working in Computer Graphics and Animation with Pierre Benard in the MoStyle project. I previously obtained my Ph.D. from the MSTII doctoral school in june 2022, under the supervision of Stefanie Wuhrer, Edmond Boyer and Franck Multon, within Inria teams Morpheo (Grenoble) and Mimetic (Rennes).

Research Interests

I am currently working on 3D animation stylization. My focus is on stylization of the geometry and motion of 3D animations in order to recreate traditional 2D animation effects. I am also interested in perception of animations by observers. During my Ph.D. thesis, I worked on transfer of animations between characters, focusing on morphologically and perceptually plausible deformations. In earlier projects, I worked on human computer interaction in virtual and mixed reality environments.


  • I will be presenting our work SMEAR: Stylized Motion Exaggeration with ARt-direction at Siggraph in Denver, on thursday, 1 August 2024